Chris McKenna

Chris has a special interest in treating and advising on neck and back pain.

Chris graduated from Cumberland College of Health Sciences with a Degree in Physiotherapy in 1984. His first appointment was at Liverpool Hospital where he developed an interest in the treatment of neck and back pain. He then worked in private practice and at Fairfield Hospital during the years of 1987 to 1989. In 1989, he completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Manipulative Physiotherapy.

Chris started working part time at both the Roseville Physiotherapy Centre in 1992 and at the Dalcross Physiotherapy unit.

In 1997, he became a practice partner of the Roseville Physiotherapy Centre and in late 1997 along with his practice partner Tracey Powell, also established a new practice at West Pymble shopping Centre.

Roseville Physiotherapy Centre is a community focussed practice, and Chris has been involved with local rugby, cricket, AFL and other sporting clubs.

Chris has expertise in treating and advising on neck and back pain and has experience in prescribing customised exercise programs for the elderly and those with conditions such as diabetes.

Chris is a keen golfer, cyclist, enjoys bushwalking with his wife Deborah and also attends a gym.